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Ummy Video Downloader

The Ummy Video Downloader downloads YouTube videos in different formats.

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The Ummy Video Downloader is a simple video downloader from Ummy that helps users download their favorite videos from YouTube, so that they can watch it later. The freeware also offers users the freedom to choose the format for the download, thus allowing them to watch their videos on different devices in line with the formats.

High Compatibility

Although simple, the Ummy Video Downloader does its job well, and scores high on the compatibility factor too. It works perfectly alongside different Windows operating system versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

When it comes to web browsers too, the downloader works well in tandem with browsers such as Mozilla, Yandex, Safari, Opera and the ever-popular Chrome. So, no matter what browser you use, you can be sure that the downloader will work smoothly with it.

A Wide Range of Downloading Options

In addition to its high compatibility factor, the Ummy Video Downloader is also popular for the various downloading options it offers users. A user can download videos in various qualities ranging from Full HD to HD, VGA, SD, HQVGA and for those who want lighter files, even in Low quality.

Those who wish to extract only the audio from a particular video they have found on YouTube can instruct the downloader to do just that too. Simple and efficient, the downloader gives you all the basic options you would expect from a video downloader.

Uninterrupted Downloads

The best part about the Ummy Video Downloader is that even if you close the program while it is still downloading your videos, you will still find your chosen downloads intact the next time you open the program. The process of the downloads will simply pause when you close the program or shut down your machine, and once you log on again, it will continue downloading the videos from where they were left off. 



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