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The Privatefirewall product, as your personal firewall, offers protection against security threats.

License Freeware
Version 7.0
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Category Security & Encryption
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Privatefirewall is a personal firewall developed by Privacyware. This program performs multiple tasks related to the security of your PC in relation to curbing inbound and outbound access. Keeping your data safe from prying eyes from the outside world and ensuring that no program on your PC shares information without your knowledge are its primary functions.

As your personal firewall application, Privatefirewall continually monitors your system and controls access to it while scanning your system for malicious programs and removing them before they cause any damage.

It’s Free and Void of Add-Ons

The Privatefirewall product is a free program that can be downloaded and used for free. It does not contain any third-party programs, does not require your web browser to add any toolbars, does not contain any adware and is void of interfering add-ons. It is clean in every way, unlike most other free programs that bring with them unnecessary add-ons that clog your system or cause a nuisance through ads.


The Privatefirewall product is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems belonging to the current generation such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and the ever-popular Windows XP. Therefore, most Windows Operating System users can download this personal firewall to protect their PC.

Since some of the functions of this firewall are better than those offered by the default Windows Firewall with Advanced Security program offered by Microsoft, this one proves to be a safer bet too.

Protection Against Real Threats

The Internet is a treasure-trove of data and opportunities. However, along with these pros come several cons such as malicious threats too. In order to keep these threats away from your PC, and to ensure that your data remains safe, it is essential that you remain aware of the threats that surround you.

Crimeware, for example, refers to malware programs and other fraudulent schemes that are responsible for activities such as extortion. Then, there are Keyloggers, which are programs that capture your passwords and other sensitive data by tapping everything you type on your keyboard.

Rootkits and Drive-By Downloads are a couple of other threats that exist on the internet too, and Privatefirewall offers complete protection against all these threats.

Essential Links:

You can download the Privatefirewall program by clicking here.

You can download the Privatefirewall program from an external source by clicking here.

You can read more about the Privatefirewall program by clicking here.

You can learn more about Privacyware and its various products by clicking here. 



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